What’s in the sand?

If you look really hard you can see all sorts of things in sand. Inspired by the beautiful photos on I used a simple handheld microscope to look more closely at the plastic and sand samples I brought back to London.

1505041657_16 1505041701_22 1505041702_23 1505041702_24 1505041707_26 1505041707_27 1505041708_28 1505041710_33 1505041711_35 1505041723_60

This set looks closely at the surfaces of plastic debri, like the surface of strange planets or expensive marbles. In some you can see the growth of coral, using the plastic as a scaffold.

1505041712_36 1505041713_37 1505041713_38 1505041715_39 1505041715_40 1505041716_42 1505041716_43 1505041717_44 1505041717_46 1505041718_47 1505041721_53 1505041721_55 1505041722_56 1505041722_57 1505041723_59 1505041726_63

And finally my favourite image, a close up of one of the eighteen toothbrushes picked up along Kamilo beach in a half hour walk.

1505041719_51 1505041720_52

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