Who am I?  I am an unusual mix of creative campaigner and design agitator. I have worked in the design sector for over 20 years and currently flexing my creative muscles once again. I was Director of Circular Economy and before that, Co- Director of Design in the Action Research Centre at the RSA where I founded and ran The Great Recovery project for four years. I have been working in the fields of sustainable design, behaviour change and material process through my design agency, Thomas.Matthews since it begun in 1997 as a partnership with Kristine Matthews.

Alongside collecting plastic debris from the edges of the seas I have assisted global businesses and UK government organisations to define the role of designers within discussions around waste streams, resource efficiency and circular economies. I do a lot of campaigning work and over the last 15 years have founded a number of social enterprises with aims to advance the design industry’s capacity to respond to environmental challenges through knowledge sharing and investigation.

All the things I do fuel my curiosity about why things are the way they are. I say enough of talking we need action, investigation, exploration and innovation. I like the ‘it may not work, but goddammit let’s try it’ mentality and I know that good design thinking is key, as well as asking the right question in the first place.

Over the next months and years I will be sporadically collecting and adding my past articles, blogs and images that have, until now been scattered around the globe and internet. Once I have done this I can get on with some real stuff. I will probably put some of this up too.

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